Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Radical Self Love

I have been motivated to create a Radical Self Love Bible after reading Gala Darling's inspiring February initiative.

Step 1: A Notebook
I bought this at a discount store, while I was there I found a really cute barrette & a 4 pen in pink, purple, green & turquoise, I am only going to write in these colours from now on, so much more fun.

Step 2: Decoration
Even though this pink notebook is pretty cute, I thought I would add some sparkle & stickers to the cover.

Step 3: Inspiring Quote
I scoured the wonderful internet to find a quote for the front page, I found so many that now I have a file with them all saved, I'm going to print some out in pretty fonts to hang up around my house. The one I selected is a reminder  to be more assertive & confident.


Step 4: A Totem
I had a mini spring clean around my house today & found this heart shaped clasp that I'm planning on hanging on whichever handbag I am using this month. I want to incorporate not just a visual trigger into my totem but a multi-sensory one, so all February I will be wearing Vera Wang 'Rock Princess' it was a gift from my best friend & is divine! also the little crown on the lid can be worn as a ring.

It has has begun! If you want to join in the challenge follow the link below to Gala Darling's Radical Self Love page.

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